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Video counseling facilitates the same face-to-face conversations you would receive in a private office or hospital setting, but without the hassle of a sometimes inconvenient or impossible commute, and can be done privately from any place that is most comfortable to you. It is moreover easy to instantly send you any resources via links. You can go for the longer 90 min sessions, the traditional 60 min sessions, as well as shorter 35 min sessions to fit your tight schedule and other commitments.

50€/ 35 min

100€/ 60 min

150€/ 90 min



You can (often) not schedule questions and emotions. Email and text-based counseling includes exchanging an unlimited amount of text messages or emails, exactly when you feel like it. Some people can express themselves better by writing than by talking or do not feel the need to look me in the eye while revealing their questions or story. And that is okay. With email and text based counseling,  you can take all the time you need to respond to challenging questions or issues and it is easy to look at previous messages and the progress we’ll make.  

There are no sessions, but for a weekly flat rate I typically respond 3 times a week to answer your questions and bring up new ones.  If you need more, simply schedule a video chat.

65€/ week



Despite my belief in technological progress, and the benefits and opportunities it brings, I do not underestimate the power of real-life contact and conversation. To determine in a beginning stage, for instance, if we could work well together, or because you would like to involve other family members or a partner into one of the sessions at some point. I'm happy to make the trip.

100€/ 60 min 

150€/ 90 min

+ travel expenses 0.35 cent/km round trip from Woluwe (region Brussels)



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Getting started



Choose a plan

Choose that online counseling format you're most comfortable with and one that suits your budget.

For some people short-term counseling works very well, and 2 to 10 sessions/chat weeks is more than enough. Others benefit from longer-term guidance. It's always hard to determine the best frequency of appointments in advance, so we'll decide that together as we go along. 


You are kindly asked to pay in advance for the session or week service, by direct bank transfer: 

IBAN Account Number: BE71 6528 5317 1969

Bank: Record Bank

Does your health care insurance cover counseling?  Click here for an overview.

You can join me as an individual, family or couple.

My expertise involves listening, guiding you through the scientific information, and having you speak the unspoken, via a hands-on and positive approach:

1. Counseling for individuals or couples regarding sexual wellbeing and relationship concerns, such as helping you recover passion and desire in long-term relationships; understand pain, sexual excitement, difficulties with arousal or orgasm and ejaculation; resolve disconnection and distance; break unhealthy communication patterns and establish sustainable new ones; repair trust after breeches; explore concerns related to gender development and sexual orientation; figure out if non-traditional relationships are right for you and other relational challenges linked to intimacy and fertility; learn skills to communicate and explore sexuality with authenticity, ...

2. Counseling for young people and adults with differences of sex development/intersex, such as young women with XY chromosomes (e.g. AIS, Swyer or gonadal dysgenesis), or 1 X chromosome (e.g. Turner), or people with an extra X chromosome (e.g. Klinefelter),  or in some body cells XY and in other body cells XX, as well as women born without a uterus (e.g. MRKH) or young men with a small penis and/or hypospadias, and men and women with adrenal hyperplasia (CAH). Counseling may help you (further) understand how your body developed and other information (including investigations and treatments), focusing on health and wellbeing; support you to find words that help with sharing and how you would like other people to understand it (friends, family, lovers); provide you with resources and information about support group organizations; and support you with challenges related to body confidence, sexuality, fertility and being/becoming a parent, ... 

3. Counseling for parents who have a child with differences of sex development/intersex, such as a girl with XY chromosomes (e.g. AIS, Swyer or gonadal dysgenesis), or 1 X chromosome (e.g. Turner), or children with an extra X chromosome (e.g. Klinefelter),  or in some body cells XY and in other body cells XX, as well as girls born without a uterus (e.g. MRKH) or boys with a small penis and/or hypospadias, and children with adrenal hyperplasia (CAH). Counseling may help you (further) understand the development of your baby/child; help you find words that work for you in talking about it with friends and family and how you would like other people to understand it; help you think ahead of talking with your growing child; help you consider interventions that your medical team is discussing with you; provide you with resources and information about support group organizations, ...

Send me an email with your questions/ concerns and we'll review your info & support needs and preferences together.


Show up for your first scheduled online video session or start messaging/emailing me, anytime, anywhere. You can set aside some time every day, or write when the mood strikes you. It's up to you.

Something has come up and you need to cancel and/or reschedule your video appointment? Sure, life happens! Just make sure to notify me at least 24h in advance. That way, we're respectful to your, my and other clients' time. If you don't notify me (in time), the session will be charged.

I'm a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and PhD in Belgium and completed a Sex Therapy and Sexuality Education program in the USA


I know what I do and do what I know