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As a recognized clinical psychologist and psychosocial postdoc researcher in the sexual health and wellbeing field (and specifically in relation to biological sex diversity, intersex/dsd), I am experienced in working in partnership with health as well as with peer support groups, advocacy organizations and policy advisors.  I am able to flexibly engage with different stakeholders and communities and always bring a creative and fresh perspective to tackle questions and concerns. 

I have written multiple peer-reviewed articles, book chapters,  and policy reports about (the simplicity and complexity of) of biological sex diversity, the effects of treatment, sexual pleasure and wellbeing;  I've coordinated (inter)national clinical outcomes based research projects; I serve on steering committees of professional networks (e.g. EuroPSI);  I am a volunteer for family organisations (e.g. dsdfamilies in the UK); I have directed seminars, training courses and workshops (e.g. as part of I-DSD training school or postgraduate courses at Ghent University). I have prepared documents for conferences and meetings, and presented them as well.


In addition to my breadth of clinical and research expertise, my total commitment to the project at stake as well as my technical abilities across disciplines (website design and management, strong visual presentations and reports, and qualitative and quantitative methodological skills to name just a few) are what really makes my approach stand out. I'm not afraid to climb that tree and see what I can do differently to make it work even better.


I recognize that every project is unique and needs to be tailored specifically to your requirements as a client, whether you are a charity, non-profit organization, government, medical team, policy advisor or research group. I will not only deliver on my promise to meet but also exceed your expectations.

To discuss a project or inquire about rates, contact me. 

Some partners and institutions I was fortunate to work with

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